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it's all about me

Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. white, very pale white indeed
Location Farmville, VA
School. Other
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- currently -
playing: The Sims, Hot Date... well, i was anyway...
reading: Trigun, vol. 1; A Kiss of Shadows, L.K.H.
watching: nothing
listening to: Rod Stewart ~ The First Cut is the Deepest
wanting: for those things with penises to grow brains as well
drooling over: absolutely nothing
working on: this module
wondering: if i should really go to sleep after i shower...
looking forward to: your fucking face
needs: some extra cash
feeling:The current mood of thedeathofusall at www.imood.com
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those who love me...
Thursday. 2.26.04 10:29 pm
damn. i just leave this thing alone so much. at least it's not as abused as my livejournal. or my opendiary. so... scratch off both guys from the last entry. in fact scratch off all boys. they're all stupid. they all suck. you think you've found someone cool, someone different and then they just go and prove they're like everyone else. and then you try to give them a chance to prove you wrong... and instead they prove you right all over again. stupid ass boys. on a much happier note, today was my little sister's birthday. she's a year old! *squeals* and she had so much fun with her cake. she put both hands in it and crumbled up one edge and smeared it on her face. ah, so cute! then she clapped her hands and sent it flying around. lol. i love her SO much. we had so much fun today because i got up with her this morning and took care of her while my parents were at work (because i went home wed. night just so i could be there for her birthday today) and we napped together and played all day long. ah so much fun. i miss her so much. *sigh* gonna go now. i need a shower.

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Wednesday. 1.21.04 2:53 pm
wow... so i've definitely been away a LONG time. over a month even. i'm in college now and since my computer is not compatible with their systems I have to rely on my friends to get online and actually do stuff. so, yeah. that' s mostly why i haven't updated recently.

well, i know i may have mentioned this guy named mike in a previous entry, or i may not have mentioned him at all. i dunno. in any case we were going out, but with college in between everything.... i think having a boyfriend who isn't on campus would be a bad thing. so... yeah. which of course brings up conflict with this other boy i've met. actually i've known him two months already but i've begun to really like him. and it makes me sad because for as much as i do like him i'm not sure if we could really get together. he's still in high school (but a senior! i'd feel like a pedophile if he were any younger) and he lives in louisa which from campus and from my own home is still a long ways a way. it makes me sad, because... i really do like him. although i feel a little bad for being flighty when it comes to boys. i think i'm developing a bad habit. but i've decided to promise myself that if i try to make this one work, then i'm NOT backing out of it. at all. because i couldn't face myself if i did that again.

oh, and i know i did just meet this boy after i broke up with my ex, but i will NEVER cheat on anyone that i'm with. that is a despicable, disgusting and altogether horrid thing to do. i know all too well what it does to people and i will never put someone through that.

in any case, college is all right. minus all that frakkin walking up and down campus. other than that i'm good with it. i like my french and psychology classes most right now. the former because i'm learning it rather well, and the latter because i have it with my friend Cookie. i do need to write a paper now and do some research for a paper in psychology. i'm doing it on the disorder my dad has, panic disorder. although he's not nearly as bad now, he used to be so bad that he could barely leave the house. but he's better now and everything.

well, i think that's everything. i'm going to spiffle off now and try to do some other things. *bows out*

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Saturday. 12.20.03 2:57 pm
blah. my head hurts like a mofo. and i got this killer pain in my back because i pulled a muscle there somehow. prolly from lifting up so much crap and then sleeping on the floor for two weeks. gah, you'd think i'd learn to do stuff the right way.

in any case, i'm at my dad's right now, updating from his computer and downloading music. i just got finished listening the Rasmus's Chill... i love that song. discovered it by accident because someone got it in their head's to label it a hanson song... therefore i downloaded it and found out they were sadly mistaken. but i love it lots. *dances on it*

my dad's got this thing rigged to his stereo, so it's like listening to this stuff in surround sound! it's sooo nifty. i'm trying to think of other good songs to download just so i can listen to them this way.

ah well. not much else to say. *bows out*

<~ what a nifty smilie!

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Wednesday. 12.17.03 10:02 pm
and i'm back! hell yeah. i'm even neglecting my livejournal for this, haha.

so today was nothing new. just the same old argument with my little brother, and the same ol everything else. the highlight of my day was actually getting to play my PS2 for thirty minutes without interruption. i realized just how good i'd gotten at the single races on ATV2 today. i finished the last two with 23/24 second leads. good for me since before i was barely pulling two seconds. but i was also a bit rusty, considering i hadn't played in so long. so for like the first two races i wrecked on at least every other turn.

in any case. yes, that was the highlight.

my friend michael (more affectionately and from here out referred to as the Cookie) came over last night and stayed for like six hours. it's amazing how long we can just sit and talk. i can't do that with a lot of my friends, even the closest ones. but Cookie is definitely someone i love and cherish. i'll be going to college with him in Jan. too :) anyway, we spent the night watching a bit of anime (Louie the Rune Soldier and Fushigi Yugi) and i introduced him to this manga i've been collecting recently called Demon Diary. the rest of the time we spent simply talking about this and that and everything in between. it's so peaceful that if i didn't really want to hear what he said i could simply fall asleep happy. as it is, i very much want to hear what he has to say. so, after we got the anime out of the way and a little bit of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, we ended up talking the rest of the night. he arrived shortly after nine thirty and didn't leave till a little after two. it was wonderful after he's been at college for so long and i haven't gotten to see him. *dances*

tomorrow my friend Ash (or P-chan, depending on what mood i'm in) is coming home :-D it's been even longer since i've seen her, not counting the couple hours she spent here on her Thanksgiving break. but anyway, i can't wait to see her. its very draining on the emotions to be away from someone that i care about like her for so long. ah, but it shall be grand. oh yes.

ah well. this has turned out to be longer than i expected it to. i shall go now *disappears in a puff of purple smoke*

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Monday. 12.15.03 11:45 pm
woo. so, i haven't posted here except that first entry where i was being silly... so i'll be myself here.

so, right now i'm working on my new RPG thing, over at Yahoo, because i wanted to start a new RPG after my Gundam Wing one went down the hole. it would've been great if people could have just followed the few simple rules i had, but they started going off on weird tangents and no matter what i said, they just did whatever they wanted to. so i gave the group up to someone else. now i'ma try again and just hope things go pretty well this time.

i've been rather bored lately. nothing to do but babysit really. although sunday night i did go out with my friend tiffy and wes (they just got married! *dances around them*) and even though i was just gonna borrow a few bucks to add to what i have to get this new graphic novel i'd had my eyes on, they just up and bought it for me! i was definitely surprised. but i've already finished reading it and added it to the collecton on my shelf, lol.

ah, christmas will be here soon! *dances* i can't wait. it's going to be so funny watching my baby sister have at her presents. she's gonna be so excited! the skirt under the tree is simply brimming with gifts. a whole lot more than any of us expected to be under there this year with way crap has been going.

i gotta start packing soon :( once i get my housing information from Longwood University i have to get ready to go. it's going to be so strange being so far away from home for such a long period of time. but i don't deny the fact that it's going to be a great new experience for me. and my mom and stepdad as well, since they've never not had me around to depend on. i just hope they can fare well without me, considering all that they have me do around here.

ah well. methinks i've done enough rambling! *bows out*

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Tuesday. 12.9.03 10:28 pm
ah yet another thing for me to be awkwardly new at! *dances about*

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